embra flower

embra’s premium, locally-grown cannabis

flower for every occasion

Our days are made up of thousands of moods, moments, and experiences—the ebbs and flows, highs and lows. And Embra has a craft flower for every occasion. From mellow mornings on the beach to wild nights on the town, and everything in between.

locally-grown cannabis; sativa for sunrise




uplifting flower

Whether you’re a sunrise chaser or a just-one-more-snooze morning hater, our sativa dominant flower helps you start your day on the right foot (no matter what side of the bed you usually wake up on). This locally-grown cannabis is the perfect pick-me-up choice for vibing with friends, getting into the zone on creative projects, or hitting your stride on a busy day.

drawing of Embra's locally-grown cannabis
locally-grown cannabis; hybrids for the in-between times


Balanced, locally-grown cannabis for the in-between moments


You can think of this delightful little hybrid as an “afternoon blend,” but it’s more about a feeling than the timing. With a little bit of zip and a little bit of mellow, it provides a balanced body and head high. Whether you’re looking to turn up or wind down, it’s equally well-suited for sunny beach days, nights on the town, or even introspective downtime.

drawing of Embra's locally-grown cannabis
locally-grown cannabis; indica for the sunset



Intensely relaxing, rest-promoting, ‘sink into yourself’ flower


We see you: the night owl who’s stressed about working an early shift tomorrow. The 3AM TikTok scroller whose mind is on full blast. The habitual tosser and turner. The too-amped-up-to-call-it-a-night-er. This indica-dominant flower is for you. Use it before your next yoga or meditation sesh to promote deeper relaxation and focus. Or try it as a nightcap to help you catch more ZZZs.